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IGO Compass Power electric Wheelchair

R42,000 R36,999


IGO Compass Power electric Wheelchair

R42,000 R36,999


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  • Weight Capacity: 136kg
  • 360 turning for indoors and out.
  • Footplate, headrest, seat, and armrests all adjustable
  • Single post seat mount for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Increased range of 25 km
  • Turning Radius: 50cm

Key Specs

  • Top Speed: 8 kph
  • Drive Range: 40 kph
  • Heaviest Piece: 42kg
  • Weight capacity: 136kg
  • Weight: 82.5 kg

Manuals, Literature

Overview The IGO Compass Heavy-duty Mobility Scooter

IGO Compass Mobility Scooter has a comfortable sleek design built for optimal obstacle climbing and maneuverability. With six wheels on the ground at all times, you can ensure your ride will be safe, smooth and stable wherever you go. The IGO Compass is also equipped with a height-adjustable Captain’s seat.

What Makes This Different
The IGO Compass is available in 41cm, 46cm and 51cm standard seat widths, and an upgraded 56cm wide seat. It is the only chair in its price range available with such a range of seat sizes. It is available in XL wide Captain’s seat with a headrest.

Why We Like It
Not only is this chair stylish, but its sleek design allows for a 50cm turning radius to conquer the tightest of spaces and a 24.4 kph drive range per full battery charge. The IGO Compass mobility scooter is a perfect choice for active users who like to be out and about but need the mobility convenience of a power chair. The IGO Compass features the new Dynamic Linx controller providing a better rider experience. The new technology makes it easier to learn and more natural experience while improving the terrain climbing ability of the IGO Compass.

What You Need to Know When Ordering
Also, the IGO Compass is delivered via a freight company. The freight company will call and schedule a delivery time and bring the box to your home, but they will not bring it into your home. And, if you have any stairs leading to your door, they will leave the box at the base of the stairs. If you need additional service, consider the White Glove delivery option. This service will deliver your chair to a trained agent in your area (DBN, CPT, JHB, and PTA)and your chair will be unpacked and inspected for damage. The agent will then call to schedule a delivery time and bring the chair to you, in your home.


Specifications for the IGO Compass Mobility scooter

·       Quick-Ship: Yes
Turning Radius: 50cm
Tire Type: Foam Filled
Ground Clearance: 8cm
Top Speed: 8kph
Heaviest Piece: 42kg
Maximum Incline Rating: 6 º
Battery Charge Distance: 40kph
Drive Type: Mid Wheel Drive
Foldable: Yes
Disassembles: No
Armrest Options: Height Adjustable
Leg rest Options: Footplate
Elevating Leg rests
Swing-Away Leg rests
Seat Options: Reclining Back
Captain’s Seat
Seat Widths: 41cm
Seat Depths: 41cm
Back Height: 48.3cm
Maximum Seat to Floor Height: 58.5cm
Overall Width: 61cm
Overall Length: 99cm
Joystick Options: Right
Adjustable Hanger Brackets: No
Adjustable Angle Footplates: Yes
Dampening Adjustment: No
Frame Type: Standard Power
Batteries: U1
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board
Drive Wheel Size: 24.4cm
Caster Size: 15.24cm
Rear Caster Size: 15.24cm
Base Weight: 42kg
Standard Seat Weight: 109.22cm
Battery Pack Weight: 120.65
Weight Without Batteries: 62.6kg
Controller Type: Dynamic Linx 40amp Remote
Suspension: No


Warranty Information for the IGO Compass Mobility scooter

Limited Lifetime Warranty

MobiltyScooters has provided information throughout the owner’s manual in regards to proper usage and care of your scooter.

Failure to adhere to this information will void the warranty of the scooter, its parts and the batteries supplied by MobilityScooters

The following warranty is granted only to the INITIAL Consumer who has purchased our product and commences on the Date of Purchase by the Consumer from an Authorised Provider.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

For the life of the scooter, from the date of purchase, in the event of defective materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace at our option any of the following structural frame components found to be defective by an representative: Steel Frame, Frame Welds, Tiller Frame, Front Fork, Seat Post.

Two-Year Warranty:

For the period of two years from the date of purchase, in the event of defective materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace at our option with any new or reconditioned components any of the following drive train components found to be defective by an authorised representative: Transaxle, Motor/Brake Assembly (electrical function only).

Note: An increase in operating noise of the transaxle DOES NOT constitute a defect. With normal wear and tear, operating noise is expected to increase.

For the period of two years from the date of purchase, in the event of defective materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace at our option any of the following electronic assemblies found to be defective by an authorised representative: Electronic Controller, Battery Charger, Dash Assembly, Potentiometer Assembly, Wire Harness(es).

Note: While charging batteries, it is normal for the battery charger to heat up. Heat coming from the battery charger does not constitute a defect.

Batteries/bearings and other consumable working parts are covered by a 6 month warranty. A battery is defective if it offers no power at all. Reduction in battery power during its lifetime is a normal.

Correct battery charging:

The charging system of the battery pack must be periodically checked to ensure that it doesn’t overcharge the battery, which can result in rejection of the warranty claim. Leaving the battery pack on charge for longer than 12 hours could result in over charging.

Active management of an unused battery pack:

Once purchased, the customer should be aware that the formation and build up of lead sulphate crystals will occur in a battery that is left standing over a long time period.  This will result in battery failure due to resistance in electron movement.  As this is natural degeneration and not due to poor battery manufacture, a warranty claim cannot be accepted in this instance.  The good news is that it is possible to guard against lead sulphate build up through periodic battery charging.  Probe recommends charging unused batteries once a month.

The existing warranty period applies to the replacement battery:

Many customers struggle to understand this concept, but it is important to note that the second, replacement battery that may be provided to the customer will only have a warranty period that remains from the first battery’s warranty period. For example, should the first battery be replaced at 3 months within a 6-month warranty period, the second, replacement battery will only have a warranty period for the three remaining months of the original warranty period.

Warranty Shipping:

For the period of one year from the date of purchase, in the event of defective materials or workmanship, we will collect and redeliver at our cost.

After the first year warranty, the respective parts are covered by warranty, however, the initial purchaser must deliver and collect from our workshops (any in South Africa)


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IGO Compass electric wheelchair

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