Mobility scooter buyers guide

Finding the best mobility scooter for you and understanding what to look for when you choose  can be a pretty complex task. So where do you start?and how do you ensure you are getting the best deal?

Fortunately, we have been in the business for the last 7 years so we can help you on your mobility scooter quest. Our goal is to save you money not by choosing the wrong mobility scooter or shoprider, but by directing you to the best value for money and quality so you can be assured that your mobility scooter has backup service and you can have years of freedom on the go.

Finding the Right Type of Mobility Scooter

First you really need to ask the user…What is the intended use of the mobility scooter? Is it for traveling? Is it for shopping? Is it for traveling extended distances outdoors?

Another critical question when choosing the right mobility scooter for you is whether you need to travel up inclines and what weight it must carry. Not all mobility scooters are made equal, the cheaper models, have batteries and motors only made for short distances and cannot travel inclines well.

The compact travel mobility scooter – Do you travel often? Do you need a quick folding mobility scooter that can fit into the boot or at the airport? If so, a travel mobility scooter may be up your alley. These travel mobility scooters, can typically fold up into a small space, to allow you to store it in your boot or backseat. The power of the compact travel scooter is average and is made only for short distances indoors on a level surface. So it is ideal for shopping or at the airport terminal. It does not have any suspension, but who needs suspension when you are travelling on a level tiles floor browsing the ailes.

The heavy duty mobility scooter – The heavy duty mobility scooter is meant for those who require a mobility scooter to carry a heavier weight, up inclines and out door terrain. If you intend on climbing steep hills and/or traveling long distances (even outdoors), this type of mobility scooter will be best for your needs. But the heavy duty mobility scooter there is a trade off, this type of scooter is not compact and is larger than its counterparts. You will need a large boot or bakkie to transport it around.

The medium portable mobility scooter – This scooter is what most people need. It comes apart easily so you can pack it into a boot or backseat. They typically can travel around 20kms, and can manage inclines (depending on the rider weight). One of our most popular mobility scooters would be the Zippy 4 sport. These are perfect for those that may use it frequently indoors with the occasional outdoor use. It has a sufficient road clearance, which allows out door travel easily. The power of this unit is unexpectedly high for its size and has a quiet smooth ride

As you can see by the above, it is very user-specific. There is no “absolute answer” when trying to choose the right mobility scooter for you, as each user will have different intended uses,  and of course your budget.

If you are not sure of which to buy, why not try out our free test drive service?